Long distance and interstate transfer – It’s still possible.

Updated 22nd August 2020**

COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives in many ways.  We are no longer able to freely travel long distances or cross borders.  All Australian states now have border restrictions and quarantine requirements if traveling interstate.  This may restrict relocation or transfer of patients to hospitals closer to home, home addresses or nursing homes. At times like these we want our families close by, and many people are exploring options on how this can be done.

AirMed has been undertaking long distance and interstate patient transfers for more than 20 years. We understand the needs of our patients from prematurely born infants to the frail and elderly.  The needs of these particularly vulnerable groups are well understood and catered for by our experienced and specialised flight nurses. We also have nurses who specialise in palliative care, emergency and ICU.  Examples of repatriations during COVID-19 lockdowns include:

A patient who was hospitalised in Sydney after being injured while on holiday from Adelaide. New regulations meant the border into South Australia was closed (April 2020).  At this time, we were able to arrange exemption and deliver them to their home address.

The family of a frail and elderly resident of an aged care facility in Brisbane were concerned the facility was going into lockdown and wanted them transferred to their home in Sydney. A family member was taken along at no extra cost as reassurance.

An elderly patient who had been living independently in Newcastle before suffering a stroke required admission to an aged care facility. Their family were all residing in Queensland and wanted her close by.  We were able to apply for border exemption and deliver her to her new home. (March 2020)

AirMed can to coordinate a bed to bed transfer service for patients who are in a stable condition, and will work with the latest state restrictions in order to make every effort to facilitate transfers.  It starts with a call to our Operations centre or by submitting an online quote form.


We will quote the cost of transfer, explain the process and assist you with arrangements if necessary.  Once you have accepted our quote, an online booking form is completed and our Operations Nurse will receive a comprehensive medical handover and coordinate the transfer.


AirMed has a large fleet of medically equipped aircraft and patient transfer vehicles located in strategic locations around New South Wales.  We engage road ambulance services interstate.  This enables us to have a true bed to bed service.  Our long-range jet aircraft can quickly fly long distances in comfort.  Patients are accompanied by a registered nurse for the journey, providing reassurance and meeting their needs.  We are able to administer pain relief and manage a raft of medical devices.

Our staff are trained in infection control measures, most recently in COVID-19 with aircraft and vehicles stocked with the latest recommendations in personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect both staff and patients.

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AirMed has a fleet of 10 aircraft and 15 ground transport bases located throughout NSW – AirMed is uniquely positioned to assist in patient transfer. Our partner companies Air Link & Chartair are able to offer charter services.

For more information on our services, or to speak with our operations team, please call us on (02) 8700 0685  or visit our website https://airmed.com.au/

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