Air Ambulance

AirMed coordinate aeromedical transfers on behalf of patients, hospitals, private clients and insurance/assistance companies. We perform a full range of medical evacuations from organ donor flights, to the transport of non-emergency patients for our partners NSW Health.

We’re Dedicated to Patient Transport, whether that’s for a simple non-urgent patient transport, or high priority air ambulance services.

Our private jet, Air Ambulance aircraft utilise aviation approved patient stretcher systems, and can accommodate a full range of monitoring equipment specific to each medical mission. Did we mention we use a fleet of our own dedicated jet ambulance aircraft? With twin jet engines, a pressurized cabin, and the ability to fly high above the weather – AirMed are cabable of transporting patients in total comfort across Australia.

When choosing an air ambulance provider, it is important to select one that is reliable and will be there on time. AirMed’s 24/7 Operations team has the training and experience to provide the best in patient transfers, with seamless (in-house) ground transfers direct from the tarmac, to your choice of hospital. On all Air ambulance (medevac) missions, AirMed provide:

  • Air Ambulance Aircraft (Jet, or twin engine)
  • Commercially Qualified Pilots, (1000+hrs experience, Instrument/Night ratings)
  • Registered Flight Nurse (accompanies patient from bed to bed)
  • Flight Doctor (if required)
  • Ambulance/Ground Transport (from our sister company – GroundMed, or in partnership with NSW Ambulance, VIC Ambulance, QLD Ambulance, or St Johns Ambulance)
  • Medevac Flight support and tracking
  • Nurse to Nurse Handovers
  • All inclusive air ambulance pricing

AirMed Australia (Aviation Logistics Operations Pty Ltd) holds a CASA Air Operators Certificate (CASA.TAAOC.0890) that covers Air Ambulance Functions in our Cessna Citation Mustang (jet) and Piper PA31-350 (twin engine) aircraft within Australia.


Book an Air Ambulance

  • Contact our 24/7 Operations Team
  • Patient Assessment (by our in-house Flight Nurses)
  • We provide a quote and payment terms
  • Ground Ambulance Team Dispatched
  • Air Ambulance Dispatched
  • Ambulance to Aircraft Transfer
  • Expert Care Provided in Flight
  • Ambulance meets us on the tarmac at destination
  • Nurse Handover to Ambulance/hospital Staff
  • Patient notes and in-flight report provided

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